Terms and Conditions


We invite to take a moment and read our Terms and Conditions. If you
have any questions, please contact us as you would love to hear from
By making an enquiry and booking with us, you agree to these Terms and Conditons and acknowledge that you have read them.


The Barcelona Escorts can not be held liable for any damages either direct or indirect caused by the use of this website. 


All companion working with The Barcelona Escorts are 18 years and
over. We only work with ladies that are legally registered to live and
work in Spain. All of the companions that work with us, do so without
the involvement or pressure from a third party.

The minimum
requirement for client using our services is 21 years old. You may asked
for indentification if you seem younger than the minimum age. If you
are able to prove your age, your booking will be terminated immediately
and you will be required to pay for your date’s travel fees.


Our rates are clearly note on each companion and service page and are
dependent on each individual client according to your needs. Our rates
are non-negiotable so we would politely recommend considering other
service providers than asking for an additional discount. Our prices are
very competitive and we regularly check our competitiors to ensure that
our prices are industry standard. Please note, our rates do not include your date’s travel expenses. You will be advised of the amount during your intial booking call.

may be offered a discounted rate for bookings longer than overnight and
travel, however this is at the discrection of your date. You may be
eligible for a discounted rate for certain bookings when booked in
advance or decided within the first hour of your booking. If the first
hour of your booking lapses, you will be charged the standard rate.

Cash: Our most common and preffered method of payment is cash. You can pay for your booking in Euros (€), USD ($) or GBP (£).
Please do let us know in advance as we will to provide you with a
quotation. You will be charge the daily exchange rate, plus additional
bank or commission costs and travel expenses.

Western Union / MoneyGram:
We can collect any prepayment for travel expenses or deposits for your
booking by either Western Union or MoneyGram. If you are using this
method of payment, you will be required to ensure payment is made up to a
minimum of 10 days before your booking unless agreed beforehand. Once
payment is made, we are able to collect your payment instantly as it is
very fast and efficient. Please note, we will require your full name and
city of residence to able to collect.

Bank transfer:
We are also able to collect prepayment via bank transfer, however this
method can cause complications due to international bank processes. We
will require pre-payment to be made up to 14 days in advance of your
booking unless agreed beforehand. Please allow 4 days for Spanish bank
accounts and up to 6 days for international bank accounts.

You will be required to pay the remainder of your booking fees in cash during the first 5 minutes of your date.



Minimum booking requirements are dependent on each individual lady
and the exact location of your hotel. The standard minimum booking is
for Barcelona city center is 1 hour in Barcelona city center, 2 hours in
Montcada, Badalona, Castelldefels and 3 hours in Stiges, Rubi,
Terrassa, Sabadell, Mataro and Costa Brava. The length of your minimum
booking may change according to the time required for your escort to
travel to you.

Dinner dates: minimum of 2 hours
dining and either 1 or 2 hours of private time. We require a minimum of 2
hours notice to arrange a dinner date for you. Please note, it is
culturally acceptable to dine in Spain between the hours of 8-10pm and
many of our ladies like to pre-arrange their evenings according to their
escorting commitments. Please do call us in advance if you are looking
to book a dinner companion.

Overnight bookings:
maximum of 10 hours and must started after 8pm and end before 9pm the
following morning. Your overnight booking must include an evening meal
(in a restaurant) and some hours for your date to fresh up or sleep. We
require a minimum of 2 hours notice for overnight dates.

1 day bookings:
maximum of 24 hours in one go and not spread over a number of days.
Your date will require regular meals (brunch, dinner etc) and some time
for your date to fresh up during your time together. We require a
minimum of 2 hours notice for 1 day dates.

Weekend bookings:
maximum of 2 days and 1 night. Your date will require regular meals,
sleep and personal time to freshen up. We require a minimum of 1 day
notice for weekend bookings.

Travel dates:
within most European cities are minimum 24 hours and between 24-48 hours
minimum for cities outside of Europe. Travel bookings require more
preparation and pre-payment for travel expenses so please take this into
account. We will need a minimum of a weeks notice to organize your trip
for you. Please note that we only offer worldwide travel to existing
clients only. New clients are able to travel with our companions to any
European location.

There is a minimum of an hours notice for
incalls/outcalls on a daily basis. If you are looking to date a
particular companion, we highly recommend booking in advance as you will
have a better chance of seeing her. Bookings outside of our normal
opening hours must be at least 3 hours long and paid in advance.


We aim to provide an efficient and punctual service where our ladies
are on time to your date. There may be times where your companion is
late due to unforseeable circumstances such as travel delays or traffic
jams. If you are booking last minute, you will be given an estimation of
your date’s journey and kept up to date on her whereabouts. If your
date is less than 30 minutes late to your booking, you have the right to
cancel your booking with no extra charge.

We understand that
clients often enjoy booking our companions after their business
commitments in the evening and there may be times where they are
delayed. We are able to delay your booking once it has been confirmed as
long as your companion has not left her residence. If your date has
arrived at your hotel, she will wait 10 minutes for your arrival. She
may then decide to cancel and leave your booking.


high class ladies are available to visit you in your 3, 4 or 5 star
hotel or private apartment. Please note that your hotel room must be in
your name and you must be the sole occupant. If you are staying at a
private apartment with a group of friends during your stay, they should
not be in the apartment during your booking.

The Barcelona
Escorts has the right to cancel any appointments in locations that are
deemed low class or inappropriate. We do not offer bookings to
university halls or hostels.

Social companionship:
Bookings for social companionship must be spent in public and outside
of your hotel suite. If you are travelling with your date, you may be
required to provide her with her own hotel room during your stay. If at
any point you would wish to change your booking to include private time
in your hotel, please call us to update your rate for you.

Dinner dates:
Dinner dates are at a special rate and must include dinner and/or
drinks in a public establishment. This does not include take aways from
restaurants, room service or home cooked meals, as much as we appreciate
the thought, we prefer to enjoy the relaxation of fine dining. Your
dinner date will include either 1 or 2 hours of private time which must
be after your dining experience and not before. Dinner dates can only be
booked to start between the hours of 7-10pm. Outside of these hours and
you will be charged the standard fees.

Bachelor parties:
Please note we do not offer bachelor parties for groups over 15 and we
require a minimum of 2 ladies to be booked together depending on your
group size. We will need a minimum of 10 days notice to arrange your
evening for you and a deposit beforehand. If your escorts arrive to find
more people than identified or find themselves in a difficult and
uncomfortable situation, they have the right to leave.


is nothing quite like breaking the ice over a lovely, delish glass of
wine. Most of our ladies are social drinks and enjoy a glass or two over
dinner. We have a strict policy against drugs and do not appreciate
clients that request escorts to bring some with them to the booking. We
are not the type of agency that wishes to associate with individuals who
abuse substances. If you are intoxicated when your companion arrives or
decide to abuse drugs during your booking, she has the right to
terminate your date without any further notice or a full refund.


Our companions love to travel and we can arrange an unforgettable
experience for you. Your booking starts when your Barcelona escort
arrives with you and ends when she leaves you. Our ladies are open to
travel to any desination barring France as long as there are no
immediate travel restrictions or political distress. All international
bookings require 50% of your booking rate and 100% of your travel
expenses upfront.

Travel methods: If your
destination can be reached by train within 6 hours, your escort will
require a first class ticket. If your destination requires a flight,
your companion will fly up to 4 hours in economy. Any flights longer
than 4 hours  will require a business class ticket.

Travel longer than 24 hours:
To ensure a pleasant stay for your date, we highly recommend ensuring
your escort has sufficient sleep, a minimum of 2 hours of private time
for personal grooming, access to the internet and regular meals at day
at your expenses. She will also be required to be in regular touch with
the agency.

Although not necessary, we appreciate when your date is provided with her own personal room for bookings longer than 24 hours.


We are confident that your experience with our agency will be a
positive one and offering our guarantee as our commitment to you. We
have a strict cancellation policy which applies to your introduction to
our escorts. If your booking is cancelled for any of the following
reasons, you will be asked for minimum payment of your companion’s
travel expenses.

Client cancellations: You cancel within the first 10 minutes of your booking or your date is not a true representation of her pictures.

Companion/agency cancellations: Your lack of hygiene, abuse of alcohol/substance, unsuitable location or irratic behaviour.

International travel and bookings longer than overnight cancellations: We
understand that sometimes plans do not go how we invisioned them,
however we have a very strict policy on travel and bookings longer than
overnight being cancelled. Our companions are not full time escorts and
therefore have to arrange their schedules to ensure that they can fit
your date in.

If you are cancelling your booking within 48 hours of your scheduled
date, you will be charged 500€ that will be given to your date as
compensation for her time. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of your
scheduled date will incur a 750€ charge for your date. All fees will be
taken from your pre-payment, any remaining money will be used as credit
for your next booking with us. Credit is valid for up to 6 months from
your original scheduled date and can be used with any companion in our
portfolio. We do not refund pre-payment.

In the event that your date has to leave early, we will aim to arrange a suitable replacement for you ASAP.



Discrection is something we highly regard in our industry. Your
details are used for verification, security checks and appointment
arrangements. Once your booking is completed, we may use our information
to ask for your feedback and with your permission share your feedback
anonymously. If extra discrection is required, please do mention this
during the booking process. All information is destroyed responsibility.

We strongly advise removing/destroying all evidence of your
correspondence with us especially if it may affect your peresonal life.
The Barcelona Escorts cannot be held accountable for any complications
that may arise from your communication and usage of the agency.

Details of problematic clients (those who do book and have no
intention of turning up or paying, violent and abusive clients and those
that continuously book and cancel) maybe shared online to prevent fake
bookings in the future.

Safety of our escorts

The safety of our companion is our number one priority and we will do
everything possible to ensure they can work in a safe and welcoming
environment. Any clients seen to be threatening, harming, stealing from
or abusing our companions will be reported to the police.

Refusal of service

The Barcelona Escorts reserve the rights to refuse service to any
client without explanation. The Barcelona Escorts cannot be responsible
for disappointment caused by lack of availability whenbooking last

Payment made to your date is for time and companionship and she can refuse any service she is not comfortable with.


We love hearing from our clients after their bookings. We welcome you
to use our online booking form to send us your feedback. We kindly
request that you do not send us reviews that are sexiest, vulgar, racist
or vulgar. Any inapproapriate reviews will be removed from our website.