A Memorable Meeting with a Client as a London Escort

In my experience as an escort, I have gained a load of skills and knowledge required to thrive as a London Escort. Most agencies grant you the exposure you need to handle different clients. In this article, I shall let you in on my personal experience during my early days with a client that I hope to meet before I retire from my escort agency.

Each day, there is a varied number of clients. On this fateful day, I didn’t have much traffic. My meeting with the client in question was arranged, and he did show up way before the designated time. He knocked on the door on time, and I opened to meet a handsome and eccentric man. He donned a long black hooded coat with long perfect hair that accentuated symmetrical features of his face. Most clients I meet aren’t notably handsome. From the moment that I laid eyes, I was captivated and eager for the end of a special meeting.

Later on, I learned that my controversial client had booked for an hour, unlike most clients that book an escort for the entire night or most of the day. I took advantage of the hour enthusiastically as I knew that most pleasures wouldn’t be long-lasting. I flushed a delightful smile as I invited him onto the room while swaying my hips to give a full glimpse of my ass. I extended him an invitation to join me in the bathroom, corrected my underwear, and laid on the hotel bed as seductive as possible.

My client exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looked so sexy that I couldn’t resist the urge to jump on him. I was soon to learn that my client would love to explore new experiences as I. I moved my hands seductively over his muscled back, asked him to turn around, and to descend. I took off his towel, admired his intimate parts, wrapped my hands around his manhood, and moved rhythmically up and down to turn him on further.

He got really hard and willing to prolong the foreplay. I could not wait any longer, nor was he. I sat on the hard penis like I owned it and made an ecstatic dance. I made a few thrusts, letting him dig the deepest corners of my pussy. As I was thrusting, he grabbed me by the hips, flipped me over, and begun exploring my insides. I could feel his joystick in every corner of me, with a particular focus on the satisfaction of us both. He targeted my erotic zones and other parts that I anticipated to have touched as he knew all about me without having spoken aloud about my feelings.

As we neared the end, my date was breathing more rapidly. I gave him a sexy massage of the nipples, his back, ass, and balls. As I mishandled him, I could sense that I was about to cum. Our movements were in sync, and we reached a crazy climax together, unable to hold back our moans and groans that neighboring rooms of the restaurant heard it loud and clear.

He was exceptionally handsome and knew how to please a woman with straining much. I had plenty of questions on why he preferred an escort as handsome and skilled as he was. I hoped to hear from him in the days to come, but he hasn’t reached out yet. I hope that I shall receive a booty call from my estranged crush soon.