Ever thought of Escorting? Read My Story

The glamorization of sex has made escorting seem like a really lucrative venture. For this reason, young girls and younger women have flooded the market all in the name of bagging that extra cash. I got lured into escorting by a friend. As a teen who had dropped out of high school, life was not easy. School fee was constantly an issue, and I had to relieve my parents the burden since I was not the only child. Even though my parent’s hopes were that I would eventually finish my academics, the decision to quit heaved heavily on them. I knew I had to do something to make ends meet.

At first, I thought the venture was all about making the dollars. I really had no idea what escorting entailed. With the constant nagging from my friend to join her agency, which she bragged about the money, I had to try my luck. I registered with the London escorts agency, and I was ready to start my job. Alluring pictures of the busty petite me got posted on their site, and with no delays, clients started booking me for dates. For start, I loved my experience in the agency. Not until one fateful Saturday evening, when a client decided to ask for more than agreed. All through, I exclusively accompanied the clients to meetings and clubs just for companionship. Well, my friend had inducted me on things that were bound to happen with escorting. What she didn’t tell me is that that was how she got the extra cash she used to splash.

Even though I was nervous about being adventurous, I lastly gave in to the plea. The client already had a clue that I was new in the agency, and thus, He took it slow with me. With a couple of drinks, we indulged more than I can remember. It was at this point I realized there was no turning back. I had to forge ahead with escorting. That day’s pay was comforting, assuring, and I hoped to get such clients in the future. Since then, I started getting return clients for the services I delivered. The tips were amazing, and I thought to myself why I hadn’t thought about escorting from the start.

My life changed, and even though my family has no idea what I do, they still have issues accepting help from me. One time, I had to stage working as a waitress just to have them believe my money is clean. I have no intention of disclosing my source of income any time soon. My circle of friends has become smaller, and at some point, something tells me they know what I do for a living. However, they have no proof as my dealings happen incognito. I have seen the disrespect that comes with people knowing you are an escort, and that I am not sure I can fathom.

Escorting is a two-way venture. The much you give, the much you get in return. What aspiring escorts should as themselves is; How much of yourself are you willing to give? This is because you can’t expect to get rich overnight through the venture. Retaining your clients can be an issue when you are overly-reserved and the docile type. Also, remember that your social life will not be the same ever.