Ever thought of Escorting? Read My Story

Ever thought of Escorting? Read My Story

The glamorization of sex has made escorting seem like a really lucrative venture. For this reason, young girls and younger women have flooded the market all in the name of bagging that extra cash. I got lured into escorting by a friend. As a teen who had dropped out of high school, life was not easy. School fee was constantly an issue, and I had to relieve my parents the burden since I was not the only child. Even though my parent’s hopes were that I would eventually finish my academics, the decision to quit heaved heavily on them. I knew I had to do something to make ends meet.

At first, I thought the venture was all about making the dollars. I really had no idea what escorting entailed. With the constant nagging from my friend to join her agency, which she bragged about the money, I had to try my luck. I registered with the London escorts agency, and I was ready to start my job. Alluring pictures of the busty petite me got posted on their site, and with no delays, clients started booking me for dates. For start, I loved my experience in the agency. Not until one fateful Saturday evening, when a client decided to ask for more than agreed. All through, I exclusively accompanied the clients to meetings and clubs just for companionship. Well, my friend had inducted me on things that were bound to happen with escorting. What she didn’t tell me is that that was how she got the extra cash she used to splash.

Even though I was nervous about being adventurous, I lastly gave in to the plea. The client already had a clue that I was new in the agency, and thus, He took it slow with me. With a couple of drinks, we indulged more than I can remember. It was at this point I realized there was no turning back. I had to forge ahead with escorting. That day’s pay was comforting, assuring, and I hoped to get such clients in the future. Since then, I started getting return clients for the services I delivered. The tips were amazing, and I thought to myself why I hadn’t thought about escorting from the start.

My life changed, and even though my family has no idea what I do, they still have issues accepting help from me. One time, I had to stage working as a waitress just to have them believe my money is clean. I have no intention of disclosing my source of income any time soon. My circle of friends has become smaller, and at some point, something tells me they know what I do for a living. However, they have no proof as my dealings happen incognito. I have seen the disrespect that comes with people knowing you are an escort, and that I am not sure I can fathom.

Escorting is a two-way venture. The much you give, the much you get in return. What aspiring escorts should as themselves is; How much of yourself are you willing to give? This is because you can’t expect to get rich overnight through the venture. Retaining your clients can be an issue when you are overly-reserved and the docile type. Also, remember that your social life will not be the same ever.

A Memorable Meeting with a Client as a London Escort

A Memorable Meeting with a Client as a London Escort

In my experience as an escort, I have gained a load of skills and knowledge required to thrive as a London Escort. Most agencies grant you the exposure you need to handle different clients. In this article, I shall let you in on my personal experience during my early days with a client that I hope to meet before I retire from my escort agency.

Each day, there is a varied number of clients. On this fateful day, I didn’t have much traffic. My meeting with the client in question was arranged, and he did show up way before the designated time. He knocked on the door on time, and I opened to meet a handsome and eccentric man. He donned a long black hooded coat with long perfect hair that accentuated symmetrical features of his face. Most clients I meet aren’t notably handsome. From the moment that I laid eyes, I was captivated and eager for the end of a special meeting.

Later on, I learned that my controversial client had booked for an hour, unlike most clients that book an escort for the entire night or most of the day. I took advantage of the hour enthusiastically as I knew that most pleasures wouldn’t be long-lasting. I flushed a delightful smile as I invited him onto the room while swaying my hips to give a full glimpse of my ass. I extended him an invitation to join me in the bathroom, corrected my underwear, and laid on the hotel bed as seductive as possible.

My client exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looked so sexy that I couldn’t resist the urge to jump on him. I was soon to learn that my client would love to explore new experiences as I. I moved my hands seductively over his muscled back, asked him to turn around, and to descend. I took off his towel, admired his intimate parts, wrapped my hands around his manhood, and moved rhythmically up and down to turn him on further.

He got really hard and willing to prolong the foreplay. I could not wait any longer, nor was he. I sat on the hard penis like I owned it and made an ecstatic dance. I made a few thrusts, letting him dig the deepest corners of my pussy. As I was thrusting, he grabbed me by the hips, flipped me over, and begun exploring my insides. I could feel his joystick in every corner of me, with a particular focus on the satisfaction of us both. He targeted my erotic zones and other parts that I anticipated to have touched as he knew all about me without having spoken aloud about my feelings.

As we neared the end, my date was breathing more rapidly. I gave him a sexy massage of the nipples, his back, ass, and balls. As I mishandled him, I could sense that I was about to cum. Our movements were in sync, and we reached a crazy climax together, unable to hold back our moans and groans that neighboring rooms of the restaurant heard it loud and clear.

He was exceptionally handsome and knew how to please a woman with straining much. I had plenty of questions on why he preferred an escort as handsome and skilled as he was. I hoped to hear from him in the days to come, but he hasn’t reached out yet. I hope that I shall receive a booty call from my estranged crush soon.

Threesomes in Barcelona

Threesomes in Barcelona


Whenever we think about threesomes, we always think of two sexy women and one lucky man. We always seem to forget two men and one woman threesome. The Barcelona Escorts is very happy to offer escorts for couple to fulfill both fantasties.

Whether you are looking for a MMF or FFM threesome experience in Barcelona, we can guarantee you will have an unbelievable time.

Our exclusive bisexual escorts are available for an erotic adventure of a lifetime.


Whether you are a couple looking for your first threesome experience with an elite escort or a hot bloodied male looking to end your Barcelona trip in the perfect way, we have the best selection of kinky, naughty girls for you.

Our geuinely bisexual companions love fulfilling sensual erotic fantasies and can be booked with each other to provide the best show in town. Imagine two slender bodies with pert curves fighting for your attention, wanting to seduce you. Your two companions eager to caress and tease your body until you right the point of no return. Fulfill your ultimate fantasy after all, you should be rewarded for all your hard work.


Are you a unhibited couple looking for some tantalizing companionship for the evening? We have a beautiful selection of female duo escorts for couples that love to play. Our female escorts like to interact with both male and female clients depending on your needs and wants. 

We also have a gorgeous Latin American male escort available for couples that are looking for a MMF threesome experience in Barcelona. Romero is a professional masseur with an incredible body and a personality to match. He enjoys interacting with his female clients only. For more information about Romero, please visit his profile page for more information.

Escorts for Travel Companionship

Escorts for Travel Companionship


The Barcelona Escorts is the best place to get an escort that is not only stunning to look at but also can hold an intelligent conversation and spend endless warm evenings talking until the sun comes up.

Our sexy luxury escorts Barcelona are available for experiences where you require an elegant, beautiful companions to travel with. 

Our elite models are available for national vacations in Spain, accompanying you on a business trip, romantic city trips and long weekends away.

Travelling with a friend? Why not book two lovely ladies to make your break more interesting.


Our high class escorts in Barcelona love to travel and explore new exotic locations. They would be the perfect companions for clients who travel regularly on business assignments and want someone to keep them company at night. As most of them speak a number of languages including English, they can accompany you as a personal assistant or even plan the evening’s events.

After work, your nights will be filled with pleasure and romantic dinners for two. Exploring the city and each other before retiring to bed.


Imagine visiting some of the most beautiful cities and exotic islands with one of our hot ladies for the weekend. Whether it be Rome, Paris or Barbados, our European luxury ladies are ready to romance you. From intimate baths together to candle lit dinners and massages for two, you will not want your trip to end. 

Nothing makes memories more precious than spending it with someone special that you can spend the evening with. 


Travelling with a friend or just spending a weekend near Barcelona in between business meetings? Spend a lovely, long blissful weekend with our VIP call girls, exclusively for executives who need that extra time to play. Your weekend together could be a trip to the Costa Brava, enjoying the beauty of Tossa del Mar, diving in Seychelles or partying a festival in Belgium

If you would like to book an experience of a lifetime with any of our beautiful travel companions, please read our travel guide for more information. To make an enquiry, please send us your details by using our online booking system.

Escorts for Social Companionship in Barcelona

Escorts for Social Companionship in Barcelona


Our beautiful English speaking escorts are the ideal companions for social events where you may need a gorgeous elegant lady to impress your family or friends.

Whether you have a business gala, a wedding or family vacation – our high class ladies provide a professional service where your date will be on your side. Our social ladies are very discreet and no one will be able to tell that your date is an escort

Social companions are adaptable to the situation they find themselves in and enjoy roleplaying as your girlfriend.


Are you looking for a luxury date with a model like figure to be your go with you to this year’s hottest social event? Are you looking for an intelligent and eloquent companion who is able to discuss numerous subjects from arts to sports and politics?

We have the perfect collection of ladies that are University educated, well travelled and adaptable to the different situations they find themselves in. Our companions are elegant, exotic and exciting. They have an extensive selection of designer clothes in a range of colours and matching accessories. They can also dress down as well if that is your wish and feel comfortable in Converse and they do in Manolo Blahniks.


Not all of our ladies are available for social companionship and although we do get many applications, we only want to work with a close network of girls that are able to offer the best companionship experience in Barcelona. These ladies are attentive, sensual and vivacious.

Due to the nature of the bookings, we do need some notice for any social companionship. Please contact us in advance by using our online booking form for more information.

Swinging Barcelona

Swinging Barcelona


If you are one of those people who love watching people get it on, we have news for you – so do we. 

We have a great selection of ladies that love exploring Barcelona’s happening swinging scene and enjoy taking their dates along with them to spice up the evening.

The Barcelona swinging scene has some fantastic locations where you can indulge in your fantasy without anyone knowing. So what are you waiting for?.


When most people think of swinging or swapping partners, they imagine a bowl where couples throw their car keys and pick out their partner for the evening while blindfolded. In Barcelona, there are a number of clubs that allow couples to pursue in their swinging fantasies in a safe, welcoming environment.

Our open-minded escorts are available an experience to remember. The evening starts with your companion meeting you at a bar near your chosen Swinging club. After a few drinks, you head into the club and explore the different rooms available.From there, the night is yours and you can enjoy all your heart’s desire.


Our swinging call girls can be booked together or separately for an evening of fun and frolics. The minimum booking for swinging dates is 3 hours which must include an hour of drinks and two hours of personal time in a swingers club.

Pornstar Experience in Barcelona

Pornstar Experience in Barcelona

Pornstar Experience

PSE or pornstar experience is only provided by a selection of our beautiful companions. PSE services are definitely not for the faint hearted and involve the more kinkier side of dating.

Pornstar bookings are very passionate and extremely uninhibited. There is a lot of trust necessary for these type of special bookings and our escorts only offer PSE services to clients when they feel safe in a welcoming, safe environment.


With pornography becoming more available online, it is no surprise that men are looking to fulfil the fantasy of either dating pornstars or having an evening with a beautiful escort that provides the pornstar experience. 

Where GFE experience is more focused on sensuality, romance and elegance, PSE is more focused on rough, passionate and naughty experiences. This may include light spanking, dirty talk, toys and or kinky outfits.

Pornstar experience bookings start from 3 hours and must include an hour of drinks where you can discuss your fantasies with your date and establish a relationship. Once you have gained your companion’s trust, she will be more than happy to give you an incredible experience that will make your trip to Barcelona complete. 

Girlfriend Experience in Barcelona

Girlfriend Experience in Barcelona


Our companions offer girlfriend experiences in Barcelona which are sensual, seductive, beautiful, romantic and affectionate.

Girlfriend experience services are more intimate where you enjoy each other’s company through dinner dates, long weekends away and intimate evenings together.

Not all of our ladies offer GFE services as they need a special type of companion so please let us know what your plans are so we can advise you.


Clients who are looking for a more intimate experience during their visit to Barcelona should look at our selection of high class ladies who provide GFE services. Not only do girlfriend experience bookings last longer but our ladies are genuinely attentive, passionate and loving. 

The service is romantic, exciting and uncomplicated. You are guaranteed an evening of fun and pleasure like you do in the honeymoon period of a new relationship. If you are looking for someone to regular date and build a long-term intimacy with, our GFE escorts are the ideal companions for you.

If you are looking for just sex, you can find that service with other agencies in Barcelona for a much cheaper price. We are looking to offer an intense experience where you enjoy the company of our beautiful companions who just love to arouse, tease and please their clients. Girlfriend experience ladies are seductive, charming, flirty and most of all responsive.

The aim of these experiences is to enjoy each other’s mutual passion. If your companion does not feel comfortable with you or in the situation, she will not be open to the evening’s activities. GFE ladies need to be treated delicately. Your lady is with your for the evening because she genuinely enjoys having more intimate relationships with clients then general one hour services.

Erotic Massages Barcelona

Erotic Massages Barcelona

Amazing Tantra, erotic slow full body and 4 hand massages. If you have had a long day in the office or need some relaxation, we have the perfect solution for you – a sensual, luxury massage by a sexy elite call girl.

Our erotic massage companions are fully trained in amazing, relaxing techniques that provide them the skills to give you the ultimate evening of pleasure.

Nothing is more fulfilling than a long, unhurried massage with warmed aromatherapy oils. In the comfort of your hotel room, your date for the evening will gently knead your pressure points, taking any aches and pains away in your body while arousing your need for comfort and touch before a very deserved climax.


Give yourself the perfect ending to your Barcelona visit and enjoy an incredible massage with 
a trained masseur. Imagine the evening start with a dinner in an elite restaurant with one of our beautiful call girls. Once the ice is broken, head back to your hotel for a more intimate setting.

In the comfort of your hotel room, your gorgeous masseur escort will massage you with her curvy, oiled body. Giving you full body contact to increase your sensual and sexual appetite. Touching you gently with tender strokes and long deep movements. Your experience is never be rushed but rather prolonged as possible until you hit the point of no return.


If having one beautiful companion isn’t enough to satisfy you, why not have two stunning call girls tantalising your body with their delicate hands. Enjoy a delicious four hand massage in Barcelona with our ladies that will drive you beyond the point of ecstasy and have you begging for more.

The idea of not knowing what is coming next is sometimes enough to drive any man insane with passion. Two slender, well toned bodies with incredible soft hands touching your body. The wondering urge to give into your lovely companions as they slowly tease and stroke you in harmony. 

Due to the nature of our erotic massages, our escorts like to be ready so please do give us a minimum of 3 hours notice whenever possible. At times, we do have available to see you straight away.

Dinner Dates in Barcelona

Dinner Dates in Barcelona

We don’t just pick our Barcelona elite escort girls on their looks, our ladies need to be able to hold a stimulating conversation with our clients over dinner.

Our lovely escorts in Barcelona are intelligent, elegant, charming and of course discreeet. They often find themselves in a number of social situations where they have to adapt to their surroundings including more intimate settings like dinner dates.


All of our ladies offer dinner dates however if your Spanish is limited, we would recommend seeing one of our English speaking ladies to fully enjoy your evening, Dinner dates are a great way to start the evening before head back to your hotel with your escort Barcelona.  The ultimate GFE experience, your time with your independent call girl will feel more like a date than a paid companion and you get to really know your date and build a connection.

We offer two standard dinner dates however it is possible to extend your evening if you feel the need. Each package includes two hours of dinner and drinks followed by either an hour or two hours of private time in your hotel. Since we like to treat it like a real date, we ask our ladies to always meet you at the chosen restaurant. 


To give you a quick head start on your date, we have asked each companion a number of questions including their favourite cuisine, flowers and smells. Not only will it give you something to talk about but also will give you an idea of what gifts they might like to receive if you would like to get them something. You can read more about the ladies in our blog section.

We have selected a number of our favourite restaurants in Barcelona where we think would be a wonderful beginning to the evening. The selection includes a number of Michelin restaurants but also some more homely restaurants that provide an excellent backdrop. We are more than happy to call ahead and book your table for you if necessary.